FMGE Formula Test Series 2022

  •  Jan. 1, 2022, midnight

₹ 3799.00


 FMGE Formula June-2022


Salient Features of FMGE Formula

Chapter-Wise Exams:

  • 150+ Tests for all the 19 subjects to validate your knowledge in each chapter

FMGE + NBE Past Papers:

  • 19 Tests for all the 19 subjects for practice

Subject Wise Tests:

  • 19 Past paper subject wise tests

  • 19 Tests prepared on the latest pattern of FMGE

  • 19 Image-based tests

Various Mock tests:

  • 5  High yield module mocks for the cumulative practice of the subjects

  • 18  Mini-mocks based on commonly asked facts

  • 10  Past paper mock & Grand mocks with highly anticipated topics

Insight to FMGE:

  • Pattern,

  • Latest changes in the trend,

  • Study plans,

  • Study tips

  • High yield topics.

  • Do you know that about 70-75% of the FMGE have difficulties in approaching the MCQs in the FMGE due to the lack of time management skills/techniques?
  • Knowing the theory is not enough because the key to success in FMGE depends on the FMGE aspirants’ ability to implement the knowledge & choose the correct option within the given “time frame”.
  • DMA's FMGE formula-Plan A: is a complete  FMGE Qbank containing 260+ tests with 50,000 MCQs to crack the FMGE JUNE 2022 in one go with ease!