Published on Sep 28, 2021
Simple MCQ's
SRQ: Simple Recall MCQ

Q: Acid and hypertonic solution in the duodenum inhibits the gastric emptying. How do you term this reflex?

A. Enterogastric reflex

B. Gastrocolic reflex

C. Gastroileal reflex

D. Myenteric reflex

Ans. A. Enterogastric reflex

"The enterogastric inhibitory reflexes are especially sensitive to the presence of irritants and acids in the duodenal chyme, and they often become strongly activated within as little as 30 seconds. For instance, whenever the pH of the chyme in the duodenum falls below about 3.5 to 4, the reflexes frequently block further release of acidic stomach contents into the duodenum until the duodenal chyme can be neutralized by pancreatic and other secretions." (Ref Guyton 13/e p801, 811, 812)